Our purpose is to create safe, comfortable and functional homes to support an independent life. We build around you: your needs, your goals, your life.

Restore Home Modifications began with a bright idea: pairing an expert home modification building service with the skills and knowledge of an NDIS-experienced Occupational Therapist (OT). This pairing would provide a more cohesive, streamlined and accountable way to deliver high-quality home modifications within Victoria’s aged and disability care sectors.

We are an allied health-led building company

We have the professional expertise to help OTs, support coordinators and NDIS participants successfully apply for home modification funding.

We are Master Builders with lived disability experience

We know the importance of living independently and safely in a well-designed, functional space.

We are a collaborative and care-driven team

We combine project management and communication skills to plan and build effective home modifications.

Restore Home Modifications can support you

Our NDIS approved builders have one mission: to maintain your independence and help you continue living independently. We do that by building for you accessible, comfortable, and safe living spaces made for your goals, your needs, and your life


We restore your wellbeing and believe your home should function effectively to benefit you and your carers.


We create accessible homes and believe your living environment should adapt to meet your unique care needs.


We value living well and believe your independence and safety should be upheld within a functional home.

Our values: a 'blueprint' for how we work with you

Our commitment to deliver is reflected in our values, which guide every aspect of our work with you. With a focus on being reliable, keeping it simple, finding solutions and building the best,, we strive to exceed your expectations at every stage of the process. We’re also proud to offer occupational therapy consulting services, with an OT consultant on staff to help you navigate the complexities of home modifications and ensure that your living space is tailored to your unique needs.

Be reliable

We do what we say, so you can count on us.

Keep it simple

We believe in open communication and keeping everyone informed.

Find solutions

We will work with you to build independence for life.

Build the best

We apply care and attention to all that we do.

Our credentials

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