Working With Allied Health Practitioners

Working With Allied Health Practitioners

Our NDIS builders are fluent in OT-speak

We’ve been on both sides of the occupational therapy home modification process

Unlike other NDIS registered builders in Melbourne, we got our start in allied health, not construction. Before we were installing ramps or sketching blueprints for stepless shower cubicles, we were performing functional capacity assessments.

And having worked on the other side of the fence, we understand the common hold-ups and complications that can arise when planning home modifications for a client. We know how to work within a PEO/PICO framework. Most importantly, we understand the frustration of dealing with builders who don’t fully grasp the nuances of occupational therapy home modifications.

It’s why our NDIS-registered builders strive to obtain the best home modification results not only for people with disability, but those who support and empower them too. We leverage our extensive building and occupational therapy experience to ensure that you’re able to get the best possible outcome for your clients.

NDIS builder shaking hands with OT after successful occupational therapy home modification collaboration

We strive to create a genuine two-way relationship with allied health practitioners

Home modification builders you can talk to as peers

Whether you have extensive experience assessing and planning home modifications or are new to it all, our team works with practitioners of all stripes to get the best outcomes possible for all parties.

We’re passionate about accessibility and doing right by your client

As former allied health professionals ourselves, we’re not just builders; we’re advocates for people’s independence and wellbeing. We share your passion for supporting your clients and are just as invested in getting the best possible outcome for your clients.

We know what you’re looking for from a home modifications partner

You need a partner who not only understands how your proposal meets your client’s unique needs, but who can translate them into functional home modifications. In cases like this, being able to work with a partner who understands OT-speak can make all the difference.

We can offer a stress-free home modification experience

We’re here to help OTs knock over hurdles and simplify your job. Utilising our experience in both the assessment, planning, application, and building stages, we work closely with OTs to avoid delays and make sure home modification proposals progress smoothly.

Supporting Occupational Therapists with Home Modifications projects

There aren’t many builders out there with allied health experience

Having been in your shoes, we understand how navigating the complexities of occupational therapy home modifications can add to an already demanding workload. From assessments and recommendations, to liaising with NDIS builders and contractors, there’s a lot that needs to happen before your clients receive the modifications they need.

That’s where we come in. We are a team of experienced NDIS builders who specialise in working closely with OTs to seamlessly implement home modification projects.

Our unique combination of experience means we’re able to support allied health practitioners like you with every stage of the home modification proposal process. From planning and funding, to accommodating changes from the client, to overseeing building work, you can rely on us to help lighten the load and achieve better outcomes for your clients.

We support allied health practitioners like you with…

NDIS funding application support

It’s our mission to make the occupational therapy home modification process as simple as possible. We know that funding home modification supports can be complex, which is why we offer administrative and funding application support for the NDIS and various other streams.

By partnering with us, you’ll be able to put all your focus on your client’s independence and safety – we’ll take care of the application and administrative side, allowing you to keep your focus on what you do best.

Building code compliance

Whether it’s installing house ramps or accessible showers, occupational therapy home modifications must adhere to the same building codes and standards as any other project.

As Master Builders, our home modification team work closely with you from the point of design, ensuring your modification proposal doesn’t get caught up in building code-related delays. More importantly, we can use our own OT experience to help you by brainstorming solutions and alternatives.

Building inspections

The success of occupational therapy home modifications depends on a range of factors, key among them being your client’s home. Each property is unique from its walls, to its floors, and calls for a personalised approach to modifications.

Contact our team to organise an in-depth pre-modification building inspection. We’ll assess your client’s home top to bottom to determine if your client’s home can feasibly support your proposals, as well what you can do to meet your client’s needs.

NDIS registered building works project management

Assessing, planning, and proposing home modifications are just the first steps in the process. Equally if not more important for your client’s independence is the execution.

For Complex Home Modifications we can act as an independent Building Works Project Manager on your client’s behalf. Our combined allied health and building experience means we’re uniquely placed to oversee the implementation of your home modification proposal, while also ensuring that your client’s needs are never overlooked or forgotten.

Home modification courses for occupational therapists

Training sessions, workshops, and seminars that help bridge the gap between builders and OTs

We believe that the key to success for NDIS home modification projects begins with the assessment stage. That’s why our building team offer training seminars to allied health professionals focusing on home modifications.

Each seminar is tailored to suit your needs, focusing on the areas that you need the most support in. From managing communication with potential contractors to practical solutions, we’re happy to share our knowledge.

Some of the allied health organisations we’ve spoken at include:

Do you run training and development at your allied health organisation? Want to gain a better understanding of the home modification process? Or simply want to fill gaps in your knowledge? Whatever the cast, we’re always eager to collaborate. If you would like us to host an event with your team, get in touch today.

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How Restore Home Modifications came to be

Our experience allows us to get better occupational therapy home modification outcomes for your clients

Restore Home Modifications was formed by a former occupational therapist and physiotherapist. Together, they teamed up with a Master builder with lived disability experience to create a home modification service that understands the needs of all stakeholders in the home modification process:

  • Our allied health experience means that we recognise the challenges practitioners like you encounter in obtaining appropriate home modifications for your clients
  • Our lived disability experience means we’ve encountered the same barriers people with disability experience every day, and know the literally life-changing impact home modifications can have
  • Our extensive building experience gives us the know-how needed to provide straightforward, effective solutions tailored to the practical needs of practitioners and their clients

This background informs all aspects of our work, and is what drives us to help you get better outcomes – not only for your clients but for practitioners like you as well.

Meet your occupational therapy home modification partner

Who you'll be partnering with for your upcoming home modification project

Our home modification specialists are passionate about your accessibility. We provide solutions tailored to your specific needs, whether that’s accessibility ramps or a platform lift installation. Fixed-price quotes and responsive customer service ensure that you’re looked after throughout the process. Get in contact with our friendly team today to find out how we can make your home more accessible.

Image of David standing against a brick wall and smiling at the camera

David Robin, managing director & co-founder

As a fully qualified physiotherapist with extensive mobile care experience, David has seen first-hand the role of home modifications play in clients’ wellbeing and safety. He also has first-hand experience with all of the practical challenges allied health practitioners and their clients face when navigating the home modification process.

Image of Dolores smiling and looking at the camera

Dolores Hidic, managing director & co-founder

Managing Director and AHPRA-registered Occupational Therapist Dolores Hidic brings a vast knowledge of the proposal submission and funding application processes. As a specialist OT, Dolores oversees the Restore team in simplifying the administrative process and easing the workload of allied health providers like you.

George Iliadis, managing director & co-founder

A knowledgeable and experienced Commercial and Domestic Builder, George Iliadis is the person to go to for the technical side of things. His construction experience ensures projects comply with building regulations, NDIS and HCP program standards, while his lived experience with MS ensures we never lose sight of your client’s needs

Let us help you with your next home modification client

Whether it’s a one-off job or you’re looking for a builder you can build an ongoing relationship with, it’s important you partner with an NDIS builder who speaks your language. We’re ready to ensure that your next occupational therapy home modification project goes smoothly.