Funding application support

Funding application support

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Home modifications application support

We support Occupational Therapists to get NDIS and Aged Care building requests approved.

Are you an Occupational Therapist (OT) with a complex home modification (CHM) request that you’d love to get approved for your client? We can help.

Our knowledgeable OT consultants have extensive backgrounds in allied health which gives us an in-depth understanding of the funding categories and eligibility criteria for Aged Care and NDIS home modifications. We know what’s ‘reasonable and necessary’ and what home care package modifications will qualify.

Contact our team today to see how we can help you restore your client’s independence.

How we work

NDIS consultants in Melbourne

Unlike other NDIS builders in Melbourne, Restore Home Modifications was founded by allied health practitioners and occupational therapists.

When you work with the Restore team, you work with a team of builders whose experience extends beyond the building phase. In addition to quality workmanship, we’re able to bring extensive experience in the administrative and funding side of the NDIS process to your project. We can support you with modification planning and help streamline the administrative process, maximising the chances that your client’s modifications are approved.

Allied health and OT experience

Our team’s in-depth experience can maximise your clinical justifications to get your applications approved

Collaborative approach

Our home modification builders work closely with you to successfully secure funding approval for your client

We're all about quality

Our NDIS home modification builders are committed to achieving the best possible outcomes for your client

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Occupational therapy home modification support

Unlike other builders, we started out as allied health professionals before we entered the construction industry. And as former practitioners ourselves, we understand your side of the project in a way that not all builders can. We understand allied health lingo and have first-hand experience with the processes and frameworks you use for home modification proposals.

In addition to allowing for a smoother process, it also allows us to provide you with occupational therapy home modification support to streamline your project and reduce your workload:

NDIS consulting services for complex home modifications

Complex home modifications (CHM) come with a host of additional requirements that you’ll need to navigate. Major modifications and structural modifications are often accompanied by additional regulatory and administrative requirements.

In addition to supporting you with funding applications, we can also act as NDIS Registered Building Works Project Managers for your project. Our experienced team strive to simplify complicated projects by:

  • Scoping and planning the project
  • Obtaining independent quotes
  • Applying for relevant permits
  • Ensuring regulatory compliance
  • Performing due dilligence
  • Monitoring progress
  • Engaging specialists
  • Managing contractors

By entrusting the extra workload that comes with CHM to our experienced team, you’ll spend less time managing the details of your participant’s project and more time doing what you do best: helping your participants achieve their goals.

Home modification builder looking at gantt chart

Organising a home modification assessment for your client? Our NDIS consultants in Melbourne can help

Our team delivers reliable and efficient solutions for complex home modification projects. As registered Domestic Builders (Unlimited), we can take care of all stages of a complex modification. In addition to installation services, we also support occupational therapists with planning, design and funding application support.