Restoring your independence inside and outside

Building an accessible home doesn’t only mean modifying the inside – the outdoor environment can have just as large an impact on accessibility.

NDIS landscaping services focus on identifying and eliminating tripping hazards, barriers, and more outside your home. Depending on your abilities that can mean modifications to your garage, driveway, garden, footpaths, side gate, and more.

Modifications such as these make it easier to go to work, go shopping, and participate in the community. Just as importantly however, they can play a big role in restoring your ability to safely access and enjoy your outdoor living spaces.

How we work
Image of man installing new grass from a roll

NDIS landscaping for outdoor accessibility

The outdoor environment is equally as important when it comes to accessibility, which is why we incorporate it into the planning for your home modification project. We offer a range of home modification services including landscaping projects and modifications to outdoor areas.

Our NDIS builders in Melbourne can improve safety and accessibility outside the house with a range of outdoor modifications and landscaping services:

  • external access paths
  • car parking access and transfers
  • hazard identification and removal
  • stepless threshold ramps
  • low-maintenance garden design
  • concreting and resurfacing
  • outdoor lighting
  • outdoor handrails and ramps
  • raised garden beds
  • safety barrier installation
  • non-slip surfaces
Builder giving thumbs-up sign

Choose a Master Builder for your project

Our team of home modifications specialists hold Domestic Builder (Unlimited) registration. Not only does this mean you can trust our workmanship, but it also means that we can carry out or oversee every single part of your home modifications:

  • Initial site inspection
  • Scoping
  • Development and planning
  • Funding application support
  • Permits and approvals
  • Construction and building

In addition to improving accessibility inside your home, we can also provide landscaping services that restore your independence.

We’re committed to making the home modifications process as stress-free as possible. Our ability to perform all modifications and renovations means you’ll only have to deal with a single point of contact. We also provide support throughout planning and approvals to ensure your vision comes to life, all while providing excellent customer service.

Ready to make your outdoors more accessible?

From gardens, to garages, to footpaths, outdoor accessibility is just as important when it comes to maintaining your independence and mobility. Get in touch with our team today to learn how we can make your outdoor areas safer and more accessible.