Our team

Our team


George Iliadis

A knowledgeable and experienced Commercial and Domestic Builder, George Iliadis leads our construction projects across metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria.

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David Robin

Managing Director and Physiotherapist David Robin co-founded Restore Home Modifications in 2021 to improve the living spaces of people with disabilities and older people.

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Dolores Hidic

Managing Director and AHPRA-registered Occupational Therapist Dolores Hidic co-founded Restore Home Modifications to enhance the functionality, safety and accessibility of homes inhabited by older people and people with disabilities.

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Home modification builders who...

... understand why accessibility matters

Our approach towards participants

While there are many NDIS-approved builders in Melbourne, there aren’t many that have lived experience with disability.

It’s this background that drives us to provide a higher level of service. Our team strive to be respectful, understanding, and to always listen to your needs above all else.

More importantly, it also means that we understand first-hand how barriers around the home can impact your wellbeing, safety, and independence, as well as how modifications can literally change your life. So when we say we’re passionate about getting the best outcomes for participants, you know that we mean it.

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... you can talk to as peers

Our approach towards allied health practitioners

Unlike other builders, we come from backgrounds in allied health. Before we were assembling quotes and hammering nails, we were performing functional capability assessments and prescribing assistive technology.

Simply put, we’ve been in your shoes before. We’re able to understand the jargon and lingo, as well as the various frameworks and systems you use when prescribing home modifications – you can talk to us on a peer basis.

More importantly however, we’ve dealt with builders who don’t quite “get” it and understand exactly what you’re looking for in your building partner.

How we support occupational therapists with home modifications.

Choose an NDIS home modification builder who's been in your shoes

Our team is committed to getting the best home modification outcomes possible for all parties. Whether you’re an NDIS participant or an occupational therapist, our team understands what you’re looking for in a builder and strives to provide service that meets your goals and needs.